Anything But Toast
Anything But Toast

Welcome to the thoughts and musings of wife to “Mr ABT” and mum to “Master C”, working, living and enjoying life in Canberra.

My love of travel and desire to be on the move is one that does not leave me.  Although I am at a stage of my life where I have to be stable, work hard and save some money the thought of my next destination is always in my thoughts.  Between trips, whether local or overseas I take advantage of all the good things life has to offer and use my little blog as a creative outlet.

More than a creative outlet it has been a vehicle to meet other like minded bloggers here in Canberra and when we get together there is always something in common to talk about. 

My education and research of all things culinary has been a lot of fun over the years and I am excited at the prospect of recording and sharing my ongoing journey.

For my husband it has been a reprieve from a life of toast for dinner and for my son I hope that I will continue to have an answer to the eternal question “What’s for dinner Mum?”

I hope this blog will inspire you and help you discover your cooking groove.