Spinach, Corn and Cheese Pie

Spinach, Corn and Cheese Pie

Honestly the weather in Canberra, for that matter Australia, is impossible to predict.  We are having wild swings at the moment and are in the grip of the wettest spring in years.  Yesterday was a lovely sunny 20c day and when I woke this morning it is to a cold, windy, wet day which is likely to top out at 10c.

While I wait until the weather calms (in my pj's with a cup of tea) when I intend  to plant out my pots that I bought yesterday for our deck, I thought I would share my quick recipe for a pie that I put together when a friend came to stay the other night. 

I am currently aware that I along with 94% of Australians do not get their 5 a day.  Yes folks that is 5 serves of veggies every day, it is surprisingly difficult to achieve every day.   The trick I found is that you have to make sure you have a couple of serves as lunch, otherwise it is too hard to get there.  

Therefore I am always trying to sneak a few extra in so I don't feel so bad on the days I miss out. 

My friend was heading off to hospital the following day for a procedure so I thought, let's keep it light and vegetables are easily digestible. 

For the pie:

Saute one sliced leek in a little olive oil, after a few minutes add corn cut from one fresh cob, S&P and a little fresh thyme from the garden.   Once the leek and corn have softened a little, add a big bag of baby spinach to wilt.

Mix the cooked vegetables with one tub of ricotta, about 6 large eggs and grated Parmesan. 

Now that the filling is prepared, layer phyllo pastry in a dish with melted butter in between.  I used about six layers to get a nice firm base.  Add the filling and then bake in a moderate oven until set.  Cooking time will depend on the size, shape of your dish.  Mine took about 40 mins. 

Lovely brown top with a creamy centre and crusty bottom, it was delicious.  Add a side of steamed veggies and we definitely got our 5 that day.