Rhubarb Melt & Mix Vanilla Cake

Rhubarb Melt & Mix Vanilla Cake

In my war against food waste (which I am not winning by the way, but trying so hard) I am conscious of using up all food in my fridge. I defrosted a container of cooked rhubarb quite a number of days ago with the intention of putting this on my muesli each morning - true to form I was busy and not feeling like breakfast before I went to work and so it sat in my fridge.

So this is how my Rhubarb cake came about - it does not look all that great for reasons I will explain later but delicious all the same. Perfect with a cup of tea or as a dessert with custard on the side. As it is a melt & mix method the finished texture is denser more pudding like however the perfect method for when you don’t feel like getting the mixer out.

Recipe & method:

In a bowl whisk together three eggs and 2/3 cup of caster sugar until the eggs are a light colour and the majority of the sugar is dissolved. Add 3T of melted butter, 2T milk and 1t of vanilla bean paste (be generous with the vanilla). Next fold in 1 cup of SR flour, a pinch of salt and 3/4t baking powder.

I use a ring pan for a lot of my cakes as they cook quicker. Grease and flour the ring pan and place 1.5 cups of cooked rhubarb in the bottom or whatever you have to hand. Pour over the batter and cook for about 30 mins until you see the sides of the cake come away from the pan and your skewer comes out clean.

I purposely put the rhubarb on the bottom of the cake tin (& not in the middle like I would other whole fruit) as I was concerned about the moisture content of the rhubarb making a mushy cake in the middle.

When the cake is cooked, invert on a baking rack. Now the rhubarb WILL come away from the cake and remain in the tin - the cake looks pretty disappointing at this stage, do not fear…..Quickly scoop out the rhubarb and place back on the top of the cake. When it has cooled, dust with a little icing sugar to help counteract with the bitterness of the fruit.

How I cook my rhubarb:

In a pan, mix a bunch of chopped rhubarb stems with a couple of peeled and chopped Granny Smith apples, sprinkle with a tablespoon of sugar and add a splash of water. Cook gently until soft. Cool and freeze. Great for the top of your morning muesli and now this cake.