In my Kitchen #9

In my Kitchen #9

We had the most beautiful sunset tonight to mark the first night of 2017.  You can see beauty in a lot of everyday sights and I intend to make sure that I acknowledge one beautiful thing each day.  Being a foodie means I don't have to look very far for inspiration.  I am also not one for new year resolutions but this year I intend to pick up a cookbook or magazine and make something out of it, and often.  I rarely exactly follow recipes, rather use them as a base and make do with what is in my pantry and fridge.  Another aim of 2017 is to cut down on my food waste, plan meals and ensure that I use up what is fresh and in my pantry.  

I took this photo on the drive home from the cinema, the relection on the lake was truly magical.  So many other cars were stopping to take a snap as well.

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All things summer at the moment, I roasted a whole side of salmon which I served with broccolini, salad and thyme roasted potatoes for Christmas Lunch.

My first attempt at Gin & Tonic popsicles, Ia bit sour.  Next time I will have to sweeten the pot!



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We are still eating Christmas Cake!

Beautiful cherry tomatoes, I wish they were from my garden but I am yet to organise a raised vegetable garden bed.  This is also on my list for 2017....

Summer = stone fruit.  I roasted peaches and cherries in an orange juice flavoured with vanilla and sweeten with medjool dates.

This little guy stands garden next to my jasmine just outside my kitchen window.  We named him Raoul and he has moved from house to house with us, always holding is head.  Wishing you all the best for 2017, I hope you have a few laughs along the way.