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In my Kitchen #10

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In my Kitchen #10

I cannot decide if I am happy with the delicious cool nights that we are experiencing in Canberra or worried that the march toward winter is happening a little too quickly.  Last winter seemed so long......  I have been nagging Mr C to organise our wood burner so we can fire it up on the first really cold weekend day.  The most delicious winter days can be spent with a book in front of a fire something that I have missed since moving to the city.

A big thank you to Liz @ for hosting the In my kitchen links.  Be sure to check out all the other IMK posts this month.

Lovely BBQ chicken satay with fried rice, I kept it light with a squeeze of lemon instead of peanut sauce.  Not that I have anything against peanut sauce, I actually love it but am trying to lose a few kgs.

These sweet lovely seedless black grapes have been the pick for me this year.  I take some daily to work to nibble on when the 3pm snack attack happens.

Will you look at these lovely home grown beauties, unfortunately not from my garden.  That is my winter project to get my vegie patch happening.  Gifted from a talented gardener friend who was drowning in produce.  Just delicious, I ate one a day for over a week sliced on crackers with a little cheese, salt & pepper.

We were heading away for a few days and I still had so many tomatoes to eat.  I roasted them with garlic, thyme & olive oil, they are packed away in the freezer ready to go when inspiration strikes.

The local supermarket had a glut of pineapples, I was buying these bad boys for $1.50 a pop.  I enjoy the flesh blitzed with ice and mint then served with a dash of soda water.  And yes, there is lots in my freezer for the next couple of months.

This is a version of the drink without the mint, this was just after we were away and my mint did not survive the 35c + days without water!  All good, after some pretty steady watering it has bounced back.  The drink goes a lovely shade of green with the addition of a good handful of mint.

Not actually in my kitchen, but I did attend a cooking circles function where we received all the hints needed to make a tasty paella.  This shot was taken while listening to the "crackle" as the crust developed on the bottom.  Thanks to Pod Food @ Pialligo !

Flashback to last winter with these delicious cocktails @thedenmanmountaininn Thredbo!  Thanks for visiting.