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3 Seeds Cooking School

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3 Seeds Cooking School

Recently I attended a cooking class at the 3 Seeds Cooking School at Fyshwick Markets.  Andrew Haskin, chef and owner, led us through the steps of creating a very enjoyable meal.  On the menu tonight was Spatchcock with a pear and macademia nut stuffing served on puree of sweet potato and for dessert, a Lemon curd tart.  It was a great chance to learn some new skills, enjoy a glass of wine or two and enjoy eating the fruits of our hard labour. 




2013-06-27 21.03.47.jpg
2013-06-27 19.57.54.jpg
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Master C arrived just in time for dessert, his favourite part of a meal!   

Thank you Andrew, it was a fun night.  Check out his class schedule at or drop into his café the 4th Seed at Queanbeyan.