Me & Mrs Jones

Me & Mrs Jones

Many restaurants were closed over the Christmas break, with the usual annual mass exodus of residents it makes sense for many business owners to get out of town as well!  Not great for those of us left behind searching for a quality meal.  We were meeting the family for brunch the Sunday before last chose to eat at Me & Mrs Jones which had remained open over the break.  I must admit that I was underwhelmed with the lunch that I had there  a couple of years ago so much so that I had not returned.  So I rocked up with no high expectations.  Well I am happy to say that I was proved wrong, the three options chosen between the five of us were delicious and with the exception of one traditional choice showed a individuality.  I would highly recommend a visit for breakfast.

I chose the PROSCIUTTO option

San danielle prosciutto, roquette & pistachio pesto,
smoked ricotta & tomato jam w/ organic sourdough &
poached eggs.

Just the right amount of salty, savoury and sweet elements.  My only comment was the poached egg could have been warmer, a risk if you want the correct soft centre.  

The next selection from our group was the TORTILLA

Crisp tortilla, scrambled eggs, roast corn & black
bean salsa, mrs jones hot sauce & avocado.

Great vegetarian option, filling and healthy. 

The third option for the three of us was EGGS BENEDICT  one with ham and one with salmon

Eggs benedict – bacon or leg ham or smoked salmon or
spinach w/ english muffins & tarragon hollandaise.

This is the ham option, both Mr C and our friend were happy with this traditional choice. 

The coffee drinkers amongst us were happy with the coffee and I enjoyed my refreshing apple, mint and pineapple juice.

I will be back to give lunch another try, every restaurant deserves a second chance.